Hyper Nocturnal

In deep space the crew of a cargo vessel known as the "Macedonia" unknowingly releases an unspeakable evil from the frayed fabric of reality. In a race against time the crew must find a way to vanquish the evil before an uncertain doom is brought down upon them. An original horror radio play presented in 8 parts.

Episode 4

On the alien landscape, the crew of the Macedonia must find a way to stop Monroe before it's too late.

Episode 3

Back on the ship, Dr. Edmund Daytras must piece together what has occured while he was frozen.

Episode 2

After the events of episode 1, the crew of the Macedonia must travel through an alien landscape in order to discover what happened to them and the world.

Episode 1

While transporting a group of distinguished officials the crew of a cargo ship accidentally releases a terror that will challenge the world's perceptions of reality.                                                More Episodes