About Sci-Fi Radio Theater

Sci-Fi Radio Theater (or SFRT) is the brain child of international internet man Charles Davis and opera singer Josie Corichi. The mission of Sci-Fi Radio Theater is simple:

To produce high quality original fiction
radio play podcasts that fall within the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres.

Why Sci-Fi? Because itís what we like and itís what we know. At SFRT we are huge personal fans of this genre of story telling and we feel that we have more to offer to the science fiction community than being observers. Our drive is to be active participants in the creation of original Science Fiction stories.

Why a Radio Play Podcast? Because the greatest imagery that exists is within your own mind. We believe that by delivering these stories in an audio format we allow the listener to be taken to a far deeper and more complex world than we would be able to offer through video.

Another reason is the freedom of length. One of the joys of a science fiction story is the depth and detail you are able to get into. By presenting these radio plays as a podcast we are able to tell a story as long as it naturally takes to tell.

For information on the current on goings with SFRT, make sure to read our blog and follow/like/circle us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Also, donít forget to listen to our latest podcast by visiting the Radio Plays page or by subscribing to us on iTunes.