Rob Lavin

Rob graduated from Assumption College in 2005, and then bounced from job to job trying to find his niche. During this time he did what he could to flip flop between the harsh realities of the business world and the wonderful land of make believe in film. Starring as Yankee great Ken Holtzman in the 2007 ESPN production of The Bronx is Burning he was blessed to work along side screen legends John Turtorro and Oliver Platt.

After a few years of working as a cube monkey Rob realized that he had to at least give acting the good olí college try. So he enrolled in an Improv classes and under the guidance of Peter Berkrot was able to gain a better understanding as to what it would take to become a real actor.

Rob has made guest appearances in many movies; he was an "intellectual college student" in My Best Friend's Girl, a "curious window shopper" in "Paul Blart: Mall Cop," an intense MMA fan in "Here Comes the Boom", and recently a boy in love at a Norah Jones concert in Seth McFarlaneís "Ted".

Robís expectations for himself are very high. So please, donít be surprised when you see him taking up the screen at your local theatre.

"Youíre bound to get knocked down while reaching for the stars, but thatís because theyíre greedy and donít want to share." - Rob Lavin

SFRT Credits:
The Ba Gua Etuis Box: Actor- Sheriff Bates, A.D.A.M.