Charles Davis

Coming from the frozen mountains of Vermont, Charles Davis makes his acting, producing, writing and directing debut with Sci-Fi Radio

Having worked in the internet industry for several years, and having been a Sci-Fi fan for even longer, Charles decided that he was tired of being an on looker while everyone else got to play around on the web and create cool stuff. He wanted to be an active participant as well.

In order to do this, he created Sci-Fi Radio as an outlet for inner thoughts about outer space.

In his spare time Charles is a competitive Saber fencer (former Epee), lifelong metal-head, avid video game player and movie watcher. He lives in Boston with 2 strange cats named Professor Kitty and Mr. Fluffy-Snuggles along the woman who loves them (also known as his wife).

The Ba Gua Etuis Box: Writer, Director, Producer. Actor Otto Vainikainen
Hyper Nocturnal: Writer, Director, Producer. Actor - Matti Ineninen

Twitter: @Dasegad