Josie Corichi

In 2004, Josie launched herself into the glamorous career of studying classical voice, while she attained her bachelors degree in music business. Her daily life was filled with a sea of chorals, crescendos, and cabaret!

She hated it. A little too nerdy for the classical music scene, she turned her back on the flamboyantly high art form of opera in order to pursue her true calling, content marketing. With a new passion for the information super highway, she delved deeper into the depths of nerdom, catching up on all she had missed while slaving away over scores and manuscripts.

She went mad! Marathon after marathon, she devoured as many of the old school horror flicks as she could get her hands on. Then insatiable, she moved on to the likes of Farscape, Buffy, and even the classics, like The Pit and the Pendulum and Metropolis… and a healthy dose of MST3K. She fell in love with the works of Ray Bradbury, and had a brief affair with the book Enders Game – still her favorite.

Now married to an equally nerdy husband, she faces her most challenging nerd-test yet: Playing an epic nerd, on an epically nerdy science fiction radio play. There is no turning back for her now.

Credits: The Ba Gua Etuis Box: Actress - Zippy Ehrnstein, Maggie Bernard